Campaign Sign Regulations

Minnesota Statutes, Cottage Grove City Code, Washington County Highway Department, and the State of Minnesota Department of Transportation all regulate the placement of signs promoting the candidacy of a person running for governmental office. If you have any questions relating to the placement of campaign signs, please contact the Community Development Department at 651-458-2827.

Minnesota Statutes 

Minnesota Statute 211B.045 states that in any municipality, whether or not the municipality has an ordinance that regulates the size or number of noncommercial signs, all noncommercial signs of any size may be posted in any number beginning 46 days before the State Primary in a State General Election year until 10 days following the General Election.

Cottage Grove City Code 

The City of Cottage Grove City Code Title 11-3-14 regulates the placement of signs promoting the candidacy of a person running for office. The guidelines for sign placement are:

  • Campaign signs may be placed on private property in any zoning district. Do not place signs on private property without permission from the property owners. 
  • Signs are not permitted on public property or state and county rights-of-way. 
  • Signs may be placed in a city right-of-way only if the sign is located more than 10 feet from the back of the street curb or more than two feet from the edge of a sidewalk or trail, whichever is farthest from the street curb. 
  • A Campaign sign can be mounted on the face of a fence if the fence is less than 10 feet from the back edge of the street curb or less than two feet from the edge of a sidewalk or trail.
  • Signs shall not be attached to trees, utility poles, or other such supports. 
  • No sign may be erected that by reason of position, shape, movement, color, or in any other manner interferes with the proper functioning of a traffic sign or signal or otherwise constitutes a traffic hazard. 
  • A sign cannot obstruct the safe view from any driveway or street. On corner lots, signs are not permitted within a triangular area (clear view triangle). A clear view triangle is described as the area that begins at the intersection of the front or rear property line and corner side property line and is measured back 10 feet along both property lines. Those points are then connected with a straight line. 

Signs placed on City property, including rights-of-way, parks, and open spaces, will be removed and temporarily stored at the Public Works Department.  For questions, or if your sign has been removed, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 651-458-2876.

State and County Right-of-Way 

Placing signs on State or County rights-of-way is prohibited. Minnesota Statute 160.27 prohibits advertising on the highway rights-of-way.