Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks)

The Cottage Grove City Council passed Ordinance 1055 on April 6, 2022, which set forth the following rules and regulations for mobile food unit operation in the City of Cottage Grove. An annual license is required to operate a food truck in the City of Cottage Grove. Please review the information below for allowed locations, performance standards, and how to apply for a license.


Before applying, please thoroughly review City Code Title 3, Chapter 13. To download an application packet, . The annual license fee is $250. All licenses must be approved by Council.  Allow 2-4 weeks for processing.  If you have any questions, please email City Clerk Tamara Anderson. 


A.) Allowed Locations: A mobile food unit may only operate in the locations and under the conditions set forth in this section:

    1. With the written consent of the property owner, a mobile food unit may operate in an industrial or commercial zoning district.
    2. With the written consent of the property owner, a mobile food unit may operate in a residential zoning district if on private property for catering purposes (such as a private graduation party or wedding) and not open for sales to the general public.
    3. A mobile food unit may operate in the right-of-way immediately adjacent to a consenting property owner noted in this section, as long as it does not create a public safety hazard.
    4. A mobile food unit may operate at any location if in conjunction with an event authorized by the city either through a special event permit or other permit that has been authorized by the city and with permission from the event sponsor. 
    5. A mobile food unit may operate at a government-owned property if there is permission of the government entity or agency controlling that property through a permit, agreement or other approval process.

B.) Prohibited Locations: A mobile food unit may not operate in the following locations:

  1. On any street posted with no parking signs or on any street with a posted speed limit greater than thirty (30) miles per hour, except with an event permit as required in division A.4.
  2. At any location that may cause a safety hazard for other vehicles, pedestrians, or the general public.

C.) Time Restriction: A mobile food unit may not operate on the same property for more than ten (10) days per calendar month.


A.) License: The mobile food unit operator must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment as required under Minnesota State law. The license must be clearly posted. A mobile food unit operator must also be licensed by the city. 

B.) Fire Code: The mobile food unit must meet State Fire Code requirements.

C.) Insurance: The mobile food unit operator must comply with the insurance provisions as detailed in the license application packet.

Performance Standards

A.) A mobile food unit owner/operator is subject to the following performance standards:

    1. Mobile food unit sales may only conduct sales between seven o’clock (7:00) A.M. and eleven o’clock (11:00) P.M.
    2. Waste generated by the mobile food unit must be transported out of the City and disposed of in accordance with all Federal, State, and local regulations. Grey water may not be drained into City stormwater drains.
    3. The owner/operator of the mobile food unit shall be responsible for the conduct of their employees and agents while operating a mobile food unit.
    4. A mobile food unit is not required to obtain a sign permit from the city. However, no additional signage is permitted beyond that which is on the mobile food unit unless it meets the following requirements:

         a.   One single sandwich board style sign is permitted per mobile food unit.
         b.   The maximum sign size is eight (8) square feet.
         c.   The sign must be placed on the ground and within ten feet (10') of the mobile food unit.
         d.   The sign must not be placed in a manner that hinders passage upon any sidewalk.
         e.   The sign must not be placed within the improved travel surface of the public right-of-way except with the express written permission of the City; and
         f.   The sign cannot project from the mobile food unit or be mounted to the roof of the mobile food unit. 

    1. Mobile food units and any associated equipment must be maintained and operated in a safe, working condition at all times and in a manner which minimizes noise, exhaust and odors impacting the public and surrounding public and private properties so as not to create a public or private nuisance. The operation of any mobile food unit which fails to meet the standards of safety established by the laws of the State or the City, operates in a manner that creates a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, or fails to obey a lawful order of law enforcement or licensing personnel, shall be discontinued until such time as the deficiency is eliminated.

Inspections & Enforcement

  1. A mobile food unit operating in the city is subject to inspection by City officials.
  2. A failure to meet any of the requirements outlined in this Chapter shall result in an immediate order to correct or cease operations by the Public Safety Department. 

Licensed Food Trucks with the City of Cottage Grove through December 31, 2022. 

Note - The following list are Food Unit's that hold annual licenses with the City of Cottage Grove.  This list does not include food unit's licensed for one day events.  For more information regarding food unit's licensed per event please contact the City Clerk.  

  1. Northwoods Smokehouse - Matt Miller - 612-570-4561 - 
  2. Super Hmong Shang Thao -
  3. Fathouse BBQ – 651-757-8880 Sua Vang -
  4. Linko Foods – 651-492-3727 – Sasha Szutu -
  5. Boba Tea – 920-570-9449 – Cheng Thor -
  6. Long’s Combo Roll – 651-352-3234 – Ka Nao Yang -
  7. Xai – The Corn Guy – 651-246-0773 – Yang Xai Xiong -
  8. Thai Thai Street Food – 651-336-9741 – Kou Moua -
  9. Miller Concession – 612-306-1647 – Robbi Miller –
  10. Steven D’s – 651-399-7459 – Kimberly Reid –  Facebook -
  11. Rustic Chef – 612-249-6906 – Sierra Austin –
  12. Smith Bros BBQ – 651-485-9250 – Andy Smith
  13. Eggroll Queen - 651-888-0324 -
  14. Broken Rice - 952-220-7994 -
  15. Agave Kitchen - 715-781-7379 -
  16. Amusement Attractions - 612-801-2712 -
  17. Pharaohs Gyros - 612-558-4255 -
  18. Lemon Squeezy Concessions - 763-291-5074 -
  19. D&D Goodies - 952-465-8555 -
  20. Big Bens Kettle Corn - 612-616-8199 - 
  21. JAKS - Ron O'Connell - 763-213-7304 - 
  22. O'Neil Amusements - 651-775-7342 - 
  23. Blue Loon Concessions - 612-600-4666 - 
  24. Just Roasted - 651-707-5424 - 
  25. Minnesnowii Shave Ice - 952-486-0079 - 
  26. Chef Shawn's - 651-508-5000 - 
  27. Carnaval Mexican Grill - 952-737-9473 -
  28. Rollin Nolens BBQ - 651-434-1174 -
  29. Chip Thai Gourmet Kitchen - 651-800-5559
  30. Thai KC Cuisine - 651-829-5135 -
  31. Floyds Donuts and Shaved Ice - 612-366-7359 -