Zoning Regulations

Zoning regulations define how land can be used and the location, size and height of buildings. Zoning divides a jurisdiction into multiple districts. Typically, those districts are commercial, industrial, or residential. Each district contains a distinct set of regulations that are uniformly applied to all properties within the district. 

Zoning Ordinances

Zoning ordinances consist of regulations which guide community development and growth within each district. In the City of Cottage Grove, zoning regulations are the primary tool we use to implement the vision of the city's Comprehensive Plan. To review the city's 2040 Comprehensive Plan, visit CottageGroveMN.gov/ComprehensivePlan

Interactive Zoning Map

For specific information relating to your property, please visit our interactive zoning map. 

2022 Zoning Update

The zoning code revision was approved at the December 21, 2022, City Council meeting. It went into effect on January 1, 2023. The previous zoning code was adopted in 1971, over 50 years ago. Although the code has been adjusted throughout the years, it had not have been fully revised since its adoption. The intent of the update was to establish a code that ensures Cottage Grove continues to be a great place to live, work, and play.

What was the purpose of the Zoning Code Update?

  • Ensure a balanced community
  • Regulate specific uses within each zoning district
  • Create stability within districts
  • Predict the range of uses and building types within each zoning district

Why was an update to the city’s current Zoning Code necessary?

  • Provide consistency with changes to state statute and laws that have changed over the years
  • Align the code with the city’s 2040 comprehensive plan
  • Address inconsistencies, issues, and topics identified by the City Council, city staff, and the public
  • Have a user-friendly code that is understandable and applicable to current standards