Shoppes at Cottage View

ShoppesThe Shoppes at Cottage View is a new commercial development just off of U.S. Highway 61 and Innovation Road in Cottage Grove. It features 73 acres that can be developed for commercial use. The following information highlights infrastructure, conceptual drawings and surveys for the land:

  • Concept Plan (PDF) - Lays out a general concept of how the site could be laid out with various uses.
  • Declaration of Restrictions (PDF) - An agreement was reached with Walmart when they purchased their land that placed certain restrictions on some of the parcels in the proposed development.
  • Shoppes at Cottage View Road Layout (PDF) - The City of Cottage Grove received $3 million in federal funding for the Shoppes at Cottage View project. This funding will help pay for the construction of infrastructure to support development of the site.  
  • Grading Plan Parcel ID (PDF) -
  • Survey (PDF) - Shows existing conditions present at the site. The survey covers Parcels A, B, and C of the overall proposed development.


For more information contact:

Gretchen Larson
Economic Development Director
City of Cottage Grove
Phone: 651-458-2890
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    Gretchen Larson

    Economic Development Director