Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Program

The Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Program is an effort by the City of Cottage Grove to gain input and feedback from businesses in the community by hearing what is working for businesses as well as what challenges are being faced by businesses. A survey and in-person interview allows businesses to speak confidentially about their business and the business climate in Cottage Grove. It is followed by strategic planning and implementation by the City of Cottage Grove in educational, technical assistance and local policy resources that address businesses feedback.

Benefits to a BR&E

Existing businesses in Cottage Grove are the engines of economic growth. Studies have estimated that the percentage of new net jobs is anywhere from 40% to 80% from existing businesses. Our existing businesses have committed a significant investment into the community and we want to make sure they can succeed, grow and stay in Cottage Grove. The most effective economic development strategy is a balance of creation, attraction, retention and expansion to maximize the effects of economic development activities. A successful BR&E focuses directly on the policies of retention and expansion.

Program Participants

Any business that would like to be a part of the program, we will interview. The Business Retention and Expansion Program will also focus on top employers, businesses in the business park, healthcare industry, service industry and more.

Would your business like to be involved? If your business would like to be involved in the BR&E and be interviewed as part of the program please email Jaime Mann or call 651-458-2833.

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