80th Street


The reconstruction proposed for 80th Street between Jamaica Avenue and Keats Avenue is to remove the existing asphalt surface, aggregate base material, and necessary subgrade soils and replace them with a new pavement, aggregate base section, and select granular (sand) section. The reconstruction will improve the stability and drainage of the road section and extend the life of the pavement with a more stable base. Full curb replacement throughout the project area will be completed. Also included in this project is: 

  • A mill-overlay of the Jamaica Avenue and 80th Street intersection
  • Minor maintenance to the sanitary and water main systems
  • Upgrades to the storm sewer system to meet Minnesota State Aid (MSA) spread requirements
  • Replacement of the trail and streetlights on the north side of the road
  • Addition of a trail and streetlights on the south side of the road

Additional Information

It is anticipated that the County will improve the intersection of Keats Avenue and 80th Street in the future, and in doing so would impact a portion of 80th Street that is within the currently proposed project limits. To eliminate mitigate the loss of new infrastructure, a small portion of 80th Street near Keats Avenue will be mill and overlaid in the anticipated impact area.


80th Street Location Map (JPG)