Bus Service

Visit the Transit Link website for fares, schedules, and service area maps.

Metro Transit

Metro Transit provides express bus service to downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis from Cottage Grove on weekdays. From downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis, connections may be made with other routes traveling to the University of Minnesota, Mall of America, and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Regional Fare & Transfer Policy

Traveling between transit systems is easy because a regional fare and transfer policy is used by all systems. Fares are based on time of day and type of service, with special fares for seniors, youth, and persons with disabilities. Fare boxes accept both coins and dollar bills but do not give change.

Express Bus Service

Express bus service between the Newport Transit Station and downtown St. Paul began in December 2014. The transit station is located on Maxwell Avenue, in the southwest corner of Interstate 494 and Highway 61, and features an indoor waiting area and large parking lot for commuters.

Route 364 provides three express trips to downtown St. Paul each weekday morning and afternoon. For route and schedule information visit Metro Transit or call 612-373-3333.

Transit Link

Transit Link, formerly dial-a-ride, also is an option in the seven-county metropolitan area where regular route transit service is not available. View more information on Transit Link.