Pavement Management Program

Cottage Grove's Pavement Management program ensures that the City's streets are maintained in top condition. The program is used to track street conditions and plan a maintenance schedule, which helps to keep costs at a minimum. It's used as a guide to determine when to reconstruct, overlay or seal coat existing streets, improve curbs and gutters, or repair deteriorating asphalt.

The results of a Cottage Grove residential survey conducted in the 1990s revealed that streets were important to residents, so an investment in maintaining the City's streets was made. All streets have a limited life span which can be lengthened by proper care and maintenance. Streets are typically designed for a 50-year useful life, but there are many variables that can change that including underlying soil conditions, traffic loads and storm water drainage. The Pavement Management program was developed to help the City keep its streets in good condition, its infrastructure in good working order, and to plan a schedule of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, which in turn would help to maintain property values.

Cottage Grove is committed to maintaining the City's streets in a cost efficient manner, ensuring the streets are safe for all residents for years to come.


The program is partially funded through special assessments to property owners adjacent to the road being worked on. Special assessments are a charge to properties for the cost of making a local improvement. Since the Pavement Management program began in 1994, almost 5,000 households and businesses have received assessments for work done on the streets by their properties. Property owners pay 45% of the total project cost, with the rest paid for with City funds. Read more about special assessments.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) identifies districts within the City for current and future pavement management projects. The CIP is evaluated annually by the Cottage Grove City Council and is subject to change.