Street & Sign Maintenance

The Streets Division maintains and/or improves the condition of all City streets, storm sewer structures, holding ponds, and right-of-ways to a safe and attractive standard. Major activities include:


Street Maintenance works with the City Engineering Department on street improvement projects including the Pavement Management Program. Every year a section of City streets is assessed for improvement and/or reconstruction and the Streets Division completes the repairs. Potholes and other roadway failures are repaired in order of priority. To report a pothole please fill out a citizen request.

Street Sweeping

Cottage Grove conducts Spring and Fall Street Sweeping to help keep storm sewers clean. The sweeping efforts help remove debris from entering the storm sewer system which eventually leads to the Mississippi River. Not only does this help prevent sedimentation in the Mississippi River but it also prevents phosphorus from reaching the river. Phosphorus, which is connected to the sediment and plant debris is the primary cause for algae blooms in local lakes and rivers.

Street Signs

All Cottage Grove traffic control signage and pavement message installations are designed to meet the criteria specified in the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Control Devices. This manual reflects standard practices statewide in regards to sign and pavement message use, placement, materials, and location. If you would like to request a sign please view the following links:

Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale and similar signs should be placed on wooden stakes or an "A" frame type of placard. Residents should use caution when placing their signs and pay particular attention to ensure that the sign will not block driver vision (see ordinance 4-1-5). It is unlawful to attach any type of sign to a regulatory sign or post (such as a stop sign) or to a street light pole. After the sale is over, residents should remove their signs as soon as possible. Public Works does remove signs that are in violation or have been left out for too long.