Snow Removal

The Snow Removal Division of Public Works provides safe roadways and walking surfaces for pedestrians and the motoring public by the timely removal of snow and ice, assist police and fire services, and ensure accessibility to all City buildings. This includes clearing ice and snow from all public streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, applying abrasives and de-icing chemicals, continuously monitoring weather and road conditions, and maintaining sightlines at intersections. 

Ordinances & Standards

To facilitate snow plowing efforts, parking on City streets is banned between 2 and 6 am from November 1 through March 31. During a snow event vehicles will not be permitted to park on the streets at any time of the day to allow plows to safely clear the streets.

  • Vehicles parked on the street during this time will be towed at the owner's expense (see ordinance 6-2-1).
  • Residents and businesses are not permitted to plow and/or blow snow into/or across City streets (review ordinance 7-1-3).
  • Residents are required to maintain mailbox standards to prevent damage during snowplowing (Snow Removal Policy).
  • Residents are asked to work as a community to keep fire hydrants cleared of snow (Minnesota Department of Public Safety)
    • Minnesota State Fire Marshall Statement "While you're out there clearing snow, don't neglect your neighborhood fire hydrant.  Fires tend to spike in the cold-weather months, especially when we have deep cold spells.  Shovel a 3-foot path around your hydrant and don't let it get buried in the snow.  If you can't see your neighborhood hydrant, neither can firefighters in an emergency."