Locating & Marking Underground Utilities

Gopher State One Call

Under state law, if you are planning to do any work on your property that involves excavation more than six inches deep, you need to contact the Gopher State One Call system 48 hours before you plan to dig. Gopher State One Call will notify any known parties who have underground utilities in the area that a locate has been ordered. The operators are then required by law to mark their utilities with paint or flags within 48 hours. There is no fee for this service. The number for Gopher State One Call system locate is 651-454-0002.

If your yard or boulevard has been marked with paint or small flags, this means that someone is planning to perform work in the area, and has called Gopher State One Call system for a utility locate. If you have questions please contact Gopher One by visiting the Gopher State One Call website.

Locating Privately-Owned Facilities

When a property owner or tenant has any type of privately-owned underground facility (underground sprinkler systems, invisible fences, pool heaters, etc.), they are responsible to locate those facilities or hire someone to locate them. For more information about locating privately-owned facilities, visit the Gopher State One Call website