Recycling Videos

The Toonies ECO-Series: Recycling

In this video series, Tricia and the Toonies teach about the importance of recycling and how it benefits Cottage Grove and the earth!

Episode 1: REAL Trash

Tricia and the Toonies explain the difference between trash, anything people throw away, and "real trash," things that can't be reused, donated or recycled. 

Episode 2: Planet Heroes

Tricia and the Toonies distinguish between types of trash and explore how donating reduces trash. Learn how to be a Planet Hero by taking action and respecting the planet. 

Episode 3: Donster Gets It!

Tricia and the Toonies express the importance of teaching others about recycling, the problems with littering, and how our daily actions can help to reduce the trash that is dumped on our earth.