Intoxicating Cannabinoid

During the recent legislative session, the State Legislature passed a law legalizing adult use cannabis, effective Aug. 1, 2023. The new law also addresses limits and regulations on the possession and use of hemp-derived THC edibles and beverages (now described as lower-potency hemp edibles). 

Adults can:

  • Possess or transport up to two ounces of cannabis flower.
  • Possess or transport up to eight grams of concentrate.
  • Possess or transport up to 800 milligrams of THC edible product (including low-potency hemp-derived products).
  • Possess up to two pounds of cannabis flower in a private residence.
  • Grow up to eight plants, with no more than four being mature at any one time.
  • Plants must be grown in an enclosed, secure location, not accessible or in open sight to the public.

The new legislation sets certain guidance and regulations on lower-potency hemp edibles including first licensing with the Office of Cannabis Management and second registering that license with the city.   The Office of Cannabis Management has made clear it will not be ready to issue licenses for ANY cannabis business until approximately January 2025. That means there will not be any low potency cannabis business registering within the city until January 2025. Regardless, the city ordinances for low potency uses are still active and enforceable.

The City of Cottage Grove has established the following ordinances related to adult-use marijuana:

  • No smoking, vaping, or use of marijuana in public parks and other public spaces.
  • Use of cannabis in public is a petty misdemeanor.
  • No retail sales of adult-use marijuana will be allowed until the expiration of the moratorium that is currently in place until January 1, 2025.

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  • Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) – Once the OCM is established by the state, retailers selling any type of cannabinoids will be required to apply for a license with OCM and register with the City of Cottage Grove. Learn more at
  • On-site consumption of edible cannabinoid products is limited to those businesses with an on-sale liquor license issued under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 340A. After the Office of Cannabis Management is set up, an on-site consumption endorsement and registration from the city will be required to sell edible cannabinoid products.