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Posted on: March 17, 2021

State-funded, City-facilitated “Ion Exchange” Water Treatment Pilot Study Shows Promising Results

Ion Exchange

In early 2020, the City partnered with the State and Minneapolis-based Stantec to test a resin-based water treatment system to remove PFAS from water. The $800,000 study is fully funded through the 3M Settlement; researchers are about halfway through the two year study and are already reporting promising results in the effectiveness, efficiency, and quite possibly, the cost of removing PFAS. Every week, workers send water samples comparing the current carbon-based process and the resin-based process to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The ion-exchange process has been approved in other states, so the final results of our Cottage Grove study may not only benefit the City, but the entire State. The side-by-side comparison, conducted on the Well #3 site, has been effective in helping scientists gather data. We should note water from the pilot study does not go into the City’s water system. We’ll keep you updated on the project’s progress!

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