Welcome to the City of Cottage Grove
Here you will find the key demographic statistics on the community.  This includes data on our community's population, housing, community affordability, economy and workforce.  We are happy to offer these statistics to you on why so many people consider Cottage Grove a great place to live and work.  
Population (thumbnail) Population
Explore this section for context about the people living
in the community of Cottage Grove.
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Housing (thumbnail) Housing
Take a look at housing access through several lenses in
this section to help understand the diversity of
housing units, their conditions and affordability.
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Economy (thumbnail) Economy
Find out more about the key indicators driving the         
Cottage Grove economy.  
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Community Livability (thumbnail) Community Livability
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Workforce (thumbnail) Workforce
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commuting to Cottage Grove to work.
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Cottage Grove is a growing community, with the population expected to rise to nearly 38,000 by 2018
Population                            34,689 
Households                        11,542
Average Household Size      3.0   
Median Age                        33.77

Large Number of Young Families
44.9% of households in Cottage Grove have one or more people under age 18, compared to 31.8% statewide


Highly Educated Population
Cottage Grove residents are more highly educated than the state and nation, with 32.7% of adults having earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher


Racial Composition
Hispanic Population3      5.1%
Non-Hispanic3               94.9%


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