Workforce Statistics

Cottage Grove Workforce Demographics

Total Civilian Employed Population: 18,987 Median Age: 35.5
Percentage with High School Diploma or Higher: 95.1% Percentage with Bachelor's Degree: 30.6% Percentage with Graduate or Higher Degree: 9.0% Unemployment Rate (Nov. 2017) - 2.3%

Breakdown of General Occupations

Workforce Highlights
Cottage Grove has a clear strength in production occupation, from assembly line to supervisor positions to production company executives. Production occupations are 2.5 times more concentrated in Cottage Grove than the national average. Additionally, the concentration of production supervisors in Cottage Grove has increased by 25% since 2011 and another 29,185 residents working in production within a 30 minute commute.

Cottage Grove's 30 minute drive time labor sheds indicate we have a total of 525,051 resident workers for current and potential employers to draw from in the region.

30 Minute Laborshed Cottage Grove

Geographic Diversity

Cottage Grove's close proximity to interstates 494, I-94 and 35E - in addition to its lack of traffic congestion - make it easy for workers to commute to Cottage Grove from all around the Twin Cities and outlying areas.

Labor Shed

Where our Workers Live

With an estimated potential labor force of 525,051 Cottage Grove employs people who live in St.Paul, Woodbury, Inver Grove Heights, Hastings and more. No matter the job Cottage Grove has the labor force to meet the demand.

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