City Budget

The City’s annual budget is the financial plan for City operations for the coming year; a planning tool used by the City Council to guide policy decisions and by City Staff to carry out community and Council initiatives.  The preparation of the City budget is mandated by state statute.

The City of Cottage Grove uses a two year budget model to assure that initiatives from one year do not create subsequent year deficits.  Revenues and expenditures are estimated based on historical trends and anticipated events.

The Property Tax Levy necessary to fund City operations each year is determined during the annual budget process.  The Property Tax Levy includes funds for general operations, debt service and other special levies for specific purposes.

Budget calendar: A typical budget preparation calendar includes the following target dates:

  • May – Budget Goal setting workshop with City Council
  • June – City Departments submit budget requests and revenue estimates
  • July and August – Review and balance budget during workshops with City Council
  • September – Council adopts preliminary property tax levy and budget
  • November – Proposed property tax notices for the upcoming year are mailed to taxpayers. 
  • December – City Council receives adopts final levy and budget