Facility Rental

The Parks and Recreation Department provides opportunity for exclusive use of community park facilities, shelters, and buildings for parties, gatherings, and other special occasions.  View a map of all Cottage Grove Paths and Parks.  A copy of the map is also available at City Hall, Ice Arena and Public Works.  Parks are open each day from 6:00am-10:30 p.m.

Covid Update RE: Rentals
Rental Forms maybe submitted for review

  • Rentals must adhere to the MN Dept Health Group Size Guildelines
  • All rentals must agree to an additional COVID-19 waiver in addition to the Reservation Polices below
  • To view complete waiver (PDF) - Click Here

Rental Forms - 2020

Park Buildings & Shelters
Cottage Grove has several park buildings that are available for rent. Each building is equipped with indoor restrooms, electricity, and water.

Park Building Addresses

  • Hamlet Park Building, 8883 Hamlet Road S.
  • Hearthside Park Building, 8245 Hearthside Road S.
  • Highlands Park Building, 6975 Idsen Avenue S.
  • Kingston Park, 9195 75th Street S.
  • Old Cottage Grove Park Building, 7500 Langly Avenue S.
  • Peter Thompson Park Building, 6327 Highland Hills Blvd.
  • Pine Tree Valley Park Building, 8432 Indian Blvd. S.
  • Woodridge Building, 9000 90th Street S.

Park Shelters

  • Hamlet Park, 8883 Hamlet Road S., seats 70
  • Hardwood Park, 6909 Hardwood Avenue S., seats 10
  • Highlands Park, 6975 Idsen Avenue S., seats 30
  • Kingston Park Picnic Shelter (west), 9195 75th Street S., seats 16
  • Lamar Fields, 7025 Lamar Avenue S., seats 40
  • Nina's Park, 7738 Ideal Avenue S., seats 10
  • Oakwood Park, 7851 Harkness Avenue S., seats 50
  • West Draw Park, 7050 Meadow Grass Avenue S., seats 30