Hydrant Flushing

Click here for a Hydrant Flushing Map


To protect the City's water supply, all Cottage Grove water mains will be flushed
and cleaned. The crews begin in Zone #1 and finish in Zone #4. Please check the map
above to see what zone you reside in.

Public Works Depaiiment employees flush the water mains twice a year by
opening each of the 1500 plus fire hydrants in Cottage Grove. The sudden rush of water
loosens and removes accumulated mineral deposits from the lines.

This process often causes discoloration of your water. The water is safe to drink,
but it could stain fabrics if you are washing clothes at the time the water main is being
flushed. Check for signs of discoloration before using the water to wash clothes.

The Public Works Department also suggests you flush out the taps in your home,
as iron deposits tend to build up in the residential lines. Once all the hydrants in your
neighborhood have been flushed, open the outside faucets and run all the cold taps in
your home at full force. The water will sta1i out clear, then become discolored. Leave
the taps open until the water becomes clear again, usually 10 to 30 minutes.

If you have any questions about the flushing process, please call Public Works at
651 -458-2808, or check out the website at www.cottagegrovemn.gov