Street Sweeping

Cottage Grove conducts Spring Street Sweeping to remove the residual sand resulting from snow and ice control maintenance. All curbed streets are swept full width.  Spring Street Sweeping occurs typically in April (weather permitting). Fall Street Sweeping is used to help keep storm sewers clean and usually occurs in September (weather permitting).

Residents are encouraged to deposit any sand that has accumulated on the boulevard into the street near the curb prior to spring sweeping. This allows the street sweeper to remove the material and make cleanup easier for the residents. Residents are not allowed to place leaves or debris in the street for removal. 

The sweeping is done to prevent the debris from entering the storm sewer system, which eventually leads to the Mississippi River.  Not only does this help prevent sedimentation in the Mississippi River, but it also prevents phosphorus from reaching the river.  Phosphorus, which is connected to the sediment and plant debris, is the primary cause for algae blooms in local lakes and rivers.  This annual street sweeping project is the one of the best way of preventing these pollutants from entering local water bodies.