Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is a nine-member voluntary advisory group whose mission is to inspire passionate, creative expression of the arts through education of and collaboration with the community of Cottage Grove.

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  • 7 p.m. | First Tuesday of each month
  • Cottage Grove City Hall
    12800 Ravine Parkway South
    Cottage Grove, MN 55016
  • Call 651-458-3400 for more information

Short Term Goals:

  1. Continue to organize and market arts events: Contests, Talent Shows, Film Contest, and Community Concerts.
  2. Engage artists and the community with all art opportunities and programming. Pay particular attention to opportunities for youth and seniors.
  3. Gain participation from the artistic community at the Art Commission meetings to increase community involvement.
  4. Seek and acquire opportunities for art exhibits; permanent and temporary.
  5. Promote availability of current performance venues.
  6. Continue recognition of local artists through the Artist of the Month Program.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Seek opportunities for fine art and performing arts venue.
  2. Make Cottage Grove a destination for the arts.
  3. Create an Arts Festival.
  4. Incorporate arts promotion and activities into the City’s Strategic Plan.
  5. Seek funding opportunities, through both City and private outlets.
  6. Bring and recognize artists from different backgrounds and cultures.

 Agendas, Minutes and Packets
Agendas, minutes and packets are available here.
Please note that meeting minutes are generally not available until they have been approved by the Commission at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

To Apply

Artist of the Month Program

Public Art on Display

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