Boards & Commissions

Various advisory committees and commissions serve the City of Cottage Grove to provide direction and information to the City Council.

Each advisory committee or commission consists of seven members, except the Planning Commission and Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation, which have nine and eight members respectively. Committee members and commissioners are appointed to two-year terms, with the exception of the Planning Commission, whose commissioners serve three-year terms. Terms are staggered and term years begin on March 1.

The City Council may also appoint up to two (2) youths (ages 18 or under) who are residents of the community to serve as ex officio members on the Arts Commission; Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Commission; and Public Services Commission. The term of office for youth seats shall be one year from the date of appointment, renewable for a second one-year term by action of the City Council.

No commissioners may serve more than three consecutive terms (two consecutive terms for the Planning Commission). By special application, the City Council may appoint a commissioner to an additional term where it is determined that it would serve the best interests of the City. Members of the Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation are allowed to continue to hold office until a successor is appointed.

Appointments to fill vacancies are only for the unexpired portion of a vacancy. Filling an unexpired term of one year or less does not count against the term limit.

Commissioner Duties
Advisory committees and commissions exercise all duties assigned by the City Code. They generally study issues in depth, making recommendations to the City Council, but do not make final decisions on behalf of the City. Advisory committees and commissions are subject to the same laws as the City Council under the Minnesota Open Meeting Law.

To apply, download a Citizen Advisory Commission Application, and return the completed application to the City of Cottage Grove, ATTN: City Clerk, 12800 Ravine Parkway South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016 or fax it to 651-458-2897.