City Council

The Mayor and City Council are the city's legislative and policy-making body.
The Mayor is elected at-large to serve a four-year term as the officer who presides over City Council meetings and as the official head of the city for legislative and ceremonial purposes. The four-member City Council is elected from the city on a non-partisan basis to serve overlapping four-year terms.  Acting as a whole, the City Council is responsible for passing ordinances and orders necessary for governing the city, setting budgets and determining the direction of city policy. The Mayor and City Council members do not have offices at City Hall.

Mayor and Council

Elected Officials

  Mayor Bailey   Myron Bailey, Mayor
Elected in 2009
Ph 612-368-6751
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  Council Member Dennis   Steve Dennis, Council Member
Elected in 2018
Ph 651-283-1929
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  Council Member Thiede   Dave Thiede, Council Member
Elected in 2018
Ph 651-331-9995
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  Council Member Mills   La Rae Mills, Council Member
Elected in 2016
Ph 612-508-1811
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   Justin Olsen   Justin Olsen, Council Member
Elected in 2019
Ph  651-459-6336
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Agendas, Minutes & Packets

City Council Stipends