2019 City Fees Update

Every year, the City of Cottage Grove and Council Members take a close look at city fees. The vast majority of our fees remain the same from 2018.  Some fees have changed; a few fees were deleted if they’re no longer necessary. There are also times when the city adds a new fee, and even times where fees are reduced. Overall, there is a diverse set of fees the city uses for on-going operations, services and opportunities for residents.

  •  There are 648 items listed on the city’s fee table for 2019
  • 241 of the items were either changed or added, 2 were deleted and the remainder of the items were carried over from 2018 

We’ve provided a link to the fee table outlining changes for 2019, approved by the City Council at its December 19, 2018 meeting. As you view the document any fee listed in red is the result of a change the city council has adopted. If the 2019 fee is not red, then the fee has NOT changed from year to year. 

Click here to view the entire list of city fees (changes included). 

 Questions? You can contact Deputy City Clerk Neil Belscamper at 651-458-2878 or nbelscamper@cottagegrovemn.gov