Cottage Grove City Water is Safe to Drink and Compliant with All MDH Health-Based Values

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Cottage Grove City Water is Safe to Drink and Compliant with all MDH Health-Based Values
Minnesota Department of Health Issues New Health-Based Advisory Values 

Cottage Grove, Minn. – May 23, 2017 – On Tuesday, May 23, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) released updated health-based advisory values for two industrial chemicals—PFOA and PFOS–present in groundwater in the East Metro area and Bemidji, including Cottage Grove.  The new health based values mean that Cottage Grove’s wells are affected, but changes in the water supply system have taken place to ensure compliance with new health based values.  

It’s important to note that the water in Cottage Grove has not changed. The levels of PFOA and PFOS in the water did not spike.  The only thing that changed is the MDH health-based guideline values.

The health and safety of our residents is of utmost importance,” said Myron Bailey, Mayor of Cottage Grove. “As soon as we were notified of the change to the MDH health-based values, we began work to ensure the water our residents rely on meets the new guidelines. We have made adjustments to our well pumping to ensure that the City’s water supply meets those guidelines. The water in Cottage Grove is safe to drink and is compliant with all MDH health-based guidelines.”

The City of Cottage Grove has made adjustments to its well pumping to ensure that the City’s water supply meets the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines.  The City of Cottage Grove’s water is SAFE to drink and is compliant with all MDH Health Based Values. 

At noon on May 23, a special City Council meeting was held to declare a watering ban in Cottage Grove due to pumping reduction measures to meet MDH health-based values.  The City of Cottage Grove’s water is SAFE to drink.  The ban goes into effect immediately and includes limiting the use of the city’s water for sprinkling lawns, landscaping, gardens, irrigation, washing cars and any other exterior use. The Splash Pad at Highlands Park will not open, and the fountain at the Veterans Memorial outside City Hall will be shut down until after the watering ban is lifted. The watering ban will ease as additional city wells are brought back online.  

The City is working with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to have mobile granular activated carbon (GAC) units onsite to treat the City’s well water, which will bring the water supply system back to full capacity.   City officials are working on a permanent solution to provide treatment to the City’s water supply system. 

The Mayor and City Administrator were in continual communication with City staff, giving direction and collaborating on the determined course of action.

The values were updated by the Minnesota Department of Health to better protect developing fetuses, infants, and young children. 

Minnesota’s health-based values are more protective than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency value of 70 parts per trillion. The updated values are 35 parts per trillion for PFOA and 27 parts per trillion for PFOS. 

A public information meeting, with Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and local officials is scheduled for June 7, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Cottage Grove City Hall, 12800 Ravine Parkway S.

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